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First time visitor? Welcome! We are the Rainbow SemDems – a Chartered Chapter of the Florida LGBTQ Democratic Caucus that represents the LGBTQ Community within Seminole County. To learn more, check out our About Us page. Want to become a member? Are you a Registered Democrat in the State of Florida? You can join at one of the membership levels below!

Standard Membership

Membership Fee: $25

Democrats registered to vote in Florida interested in the objectives of this Chapter shall be eligible for regular membership. No other residency restrictions may be placed upon membership or the privileges of membership in this Chapter. Under Article VI of the Florida Democratic Party Bylaws, except for the organizational meeting of this Chapter, those members permitted to vote in any Chapter election must have been a member of the Chapter at least forty-five (45) days before the date of such election.

Members are expected to attend general meetings and will be counted for the purposes of quorum.  They retain voting privileges for the duration of their membership.

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Associate Membership

Membership Fee: $25

Associate members must meet the same conditions as Members, except they may not vote but may speak at meetings.  They may serve on committees. They are not expected to attend general meetings.

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Friend of the Organization

Membership Fee: $15

This is a person who is:

(a) not a Florida resident, or
(b) is not eligible to register to vote in Florida, but who subscribes to the purpose and mission of the organization. This person is considered a “friend” upon payment of dues specified by the Board of Directors. Friends may speak at meetings and assist on committees but may not vote.

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Student Membership

Membership Fee: $12.50

All rules and benefits of a Standard Member, except the cost of membership are half the price.

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