Judge rules in favor of Medicaid coverage for gender affirming care. Our response.

The Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus, who represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Floridians to the Florida Democratic Party, issued a response to U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle’s decision to strike down DeSantis’ and the Republican-led state legislature’s attempt to deny Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming care in Florida.  

Judge Hinkle’s decision is “a needed victory for Transgender Floridians at a time when we have experienced unprecedented attacks on our rights and our humanity – including attacks coming from elected officials,” said Nathan Bruemmer, President of the LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus. 

The judge’s ruling included a statement that ‘the statute and rule were an exercise in politics, not good medicine.” Bruemmer adds that the ruling “sends a powerful message to Republicans that they cannot legislate hate in Florida.”

“This ruling was an important step to ensure the transgender community in the State of Florida has access to crucial medical care that they so desperately need,” said Connie Stolp, President of the Rainbow SemDems Democratic Caucus. “The judge’s comments in his ruling also provide validation that DeSantis and the Florida GOP overstepped their legislative authority in their failed attempts to diminish the civil liberties of the LGBTQ+ community.”

This ruling, along with other recent victories, should be celebrated by our community. However, our fight for fair and equal treatment by Florida lawmakers is far from over. The Florida LGBTQ+ and Rainbow SemDems caucuses continue to fight for your freedoms against hateful and discriminatory legislative acts and work to ensure we elect lawmakers who are proud to represent our community. However, none of this is possible without your support.

You can help us make Florida free of homophobia, transphobia and bigotry by joining us or donating today.

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