DeSantis administration to investigate BudLight

If you thought that the DeSantis culture war against our allies in the business community would stop with Disney, you would be sorely mistaken.

On Friday, our failure, the Governor, ordered her administration to investigate BudLight under false premises that this is on behalf of its shareholders and underperforming pension funds.

This is a lie.

By now, we are likely all aware of the story of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney and her partnership with BudLight in their March Madness promotion where they provided her a can that included her image. You are also likely aware that this promotion resulted in a nationwide boycott of BudLight that has resulted in a drop in sales. That part is true.

It is also true that Florida has a large stake in the company. According to Newsweek, “the Sunshine state is estimated to own $50 million of AB InBev stock out of a total of $180 million, as reported by¬†Fortune. MarketWatch reported that it’s unclear whether the fund owns these shares directly, “though other investment vehicles tied to the plan do.”

The Governor wants you to believe that this new investigation is all about shareholders and pension coffers and that he is looking out for first responders and teachers. That is where the truth ends.

We know that he cares nothing about teachers or education or we wouldn’t be witnessing massive teacher shortages and the Great Brain Drain leaving our state. This is all about his failed Presidential run and his continued attacks on the Trans community in particular.

These are continued attacks on the business community. Companies that employ hundreds of thousands across our state.

DeSantis isn’t just anti-woke. He is anti-business.

We must fight for our LGBTQ+ allies. We must fight to protect our Trans family and friends, but we cannot do that without you.